Welcome to Tokutember

Thank you so much to Mike Dent for this absolutely fabulous launch trailer!!!

Welcome to Tokutember, a tokusatsu drawing challenge for the month of September that will give your art a little Rider Kick!

Whether Kaiju or Ultra, Ranger or Rider, all toku fans are welcome!

2023 Prompts

It's year seven of Tokutember! This year's prompts clearly take inspiration from a certain emissary from hell who had a huge film come out this year. I didn't just want to say Spider-sona, but yeah, this would be a good year to draw a bunch of tokusatsu inspired Spider-sonas!

Tokutember, Into the Tokuverse

Feel free to use these prompts for toku inspiration or work from your own!

Previous Themes

  • 2022 prompts – Tokutember GOLD, a tribute to the sixth
  • 2021 prompts – Tokutember GO! Celebrating five years of Tokutember
  • 2020 prompts – "Challenge from the year 2020!"
  • 2019 prompts – Tribute to the Heisei Era.
  • 2018 prompts (from 2018 onward, official #tokutember prompts were created)
  • 2017 Theme – Insects

What is Tokusatsu?

Tokusatsu is a Japanese live-action television and movie genre that features heavy use of special effects. Basically, if you've seen Power Rangers or any Godzilla film, you've seen tokusatsu.

Your Mission

1. Draw the thing!

  • Create your very own tokusatsu creation (Kaiju, Ultra, Metal Hero, Ranger, Rider, etc).
  • You can stick with this year's theme or just draw what you want.
  • Original ideas are encouraged. Fanart creations are welcome.

2. Share the thing!

  • Post your creation online with the hashtag #tokutember or #tokuverse or #tokutember2023.
  • Post to as many social media spaces as you feel comfortable.
  • Tell everyone!

3. Do the thing again!

  • Frequency is up to you. You can rock every day of September, every other day, weekly, or post one amazingly epic piece.
  • Don't worry if you fall behind on your chosen schedule. This is for fun and for the love of tokusatsu.

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Icons designed by Alfredo Hernandez

Shameless Selfpromotion

My name is Jamie Noguchi and I created #tokutember out of a desire to draw more and spread my love for tokusatsu. I'm hoping to make this an annual thing and will collect my creations here:

  • 2019 was a bust for me since I was working on a book.
  • Tokutember 2018 – rebuilding
  • Tokutember 2017 – rebuilding