Welcome to Tokutember

Thank you so much to Mike Dent for this absolutely fabulous launch trailer!!!

Welcome to Tokutember, a tokusatsu drawing challenge for the month of September that will give your art a little Rider Kick!

Whether Kaiju or Ultra, Ranger or Rider, all toku fans are welcome!

What is Tokusatsu?

Tokusatsu is a Japanese live-action television and movie genre that features heavy use of special effects. Basically, if you've seen Power Rangers or any Godzilla film, you've seen tokusatsu.

Theme for 2017

There was a number of requests for prompts last year so the 2018 prompt list coming soon!

  • 2017 Theme – Insects

Your Mission

1. Draw the thing!

  • Create your very own tokusatsu creation (Kaiju, Ultra, Metal Hero, Ranger, Rider, etc).
  • You can stick with this year's theme or just draw what you want.
  • Original ideas are encouraged. Fanart creations are welcome.

2. Share the thing!

  • Post your creation online with the hashtag #tokutember.
  • Post to as many social media spaces as you feel comfortable.
  • Tell everyone!

3. Do the thing again!

  • Frequency is up to you. You can rock every day of September, every other day, weekly, or post one amazingly epic piece.
  • Don't worry if you fall behind on your chosen schedule. This is for fun and for the love of tokusatsu.

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Icons designed by Alfredo Hernandez

Shameless Selfpromotion

My name is Jamie Noguchi and I created #tokutember out of a desire to draw more and spread my love for tokusatsu. I'm hoping to make this an annual thing and will collect my creations here: